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MJK Student Cast in Feature Film

Tin Soldier


Robert De Niro!

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Coaching with Melissa

Kind Words

I'm so grateful to be on this journey of creative expression with your child. Here is what parents have to say about their experiences!

"Melissa has been such an incredible find for my 3 children. She is fun and energetic. She teaches them not only how to be disciplined and to practice what they are working on, but also life skills which are so to conduct yourself in an interview, which affects how people perceive you. Melissa, I am so grateful for everything you do, I adore you, you are so fun. I look forward to seeing what the future holds. Thank you!"
-Jodi, Parent

"I have never seen my either of my girls perform this well, wow."
Angie, Parent

"I am amazed by how comfortable Pacey is with you. You make the sessions feel so relaxed but informative. I never thought Pacey would come out of his shell, but he is singing and acting and proud to do it-that is because of you! It's all about the teacher. We would love for him to act and sing, but even if he doesn't, the skills you teach are giving him confidence and translate into his daily life. We are lucky to have you and we can't wait to sign Beckett up!"
-Olivia, Parent

"My child had the best time at your workshop! Thank you so much. She cannot wait for the next one!!"
-Tracy, Parent

"My child can't stop talking about the workshop!"

"We are already getting wonderful feedback about the workshop! Definitely interested in the next one."
-Perfect Pointe Performing Arts School

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